IT Care

Thanks to this service, the client can focus on the main area of their business, while entrusting the care of equipment and services to specialists in the respective field.

Správa IT

Telecommunication and Information Technology Management (hereinafter referred to as TZIT) is a service that completes the vision of comprehensive customer care in our portfolio. Thanks to this service, the client can focus on the core area of their business, while entrusting the management of equipment and services to experts in the respective field.

What services do we offer in TZIT management?

  • Management of servers on the client's premises or directly in our data center,
  • Management of virtual PBX, i.e., Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) branch exchange,
  • LAN network management,
  • WAN network management,
  • Hardware service and maintenance,
  • Hardware supply,
  • Software installation,
  • Hardware and software configuration,
  • Microsoft 365 (distribution, deployment, and service management),
  • Preventive maintenance, i.e., troubleshooting prevention,
  • Comprehensive audit,
  • Design and deployment of camera systems.

What advantages do we guarantee to our clients?

  • Our biggest asset is a stable and qualified team of specialists, who are available to you from the initial consultations, through service setup, to active support throughout the service duration,
  • The service not only includes the time of our experts but also their flexibility, experience, and know-how gained on a daily basis while dealing with similar demands,
  • Modern information systems are so complex and extensive that it is nearly impossible for a single network administrator to cover both development and maintenance,
  • We live by innovation, and we bring that innovation to the management of your devices. Just like us, your devices will keep up with the latest technologies,
  • We guarantee the availability of our Customer Support Line and technical interventions 24/7/365,
  • Many requests can be handled remotely; however, if the situation doesn't allow it, we will arrange for a technician to visit your location in person,
  • Service quality is underlined by a high SLA (service level agreement)

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