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What others say about us

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fotka Ľubomíra Mäkkého

Ľubomír Mäkký

founder /

„ is the largest online magazine about mountains in Slovakia. Providing our readers with quick access to articles, maps and a tour planner is essential. We have been cooperating with VNET since 2007. They give us what matters the most—qualified server management and data centre reliability with no downtime. In terms of technical support, I appreciate not only the technical level and conservative methods, but also minimal changes in the administrator team. We also use the SelfVirtual virtualization service to solve tasks that would suddenly load the server too much, such as map raster rendering. We are also satisfied with the backup services for network storage, online monitoring of server health via Zabbix, and redundant server power.“

fotka Vojtecha Kelecsenyiho

Vojtech Kelecsenyi


„It’s true that we didn’t need any extra support since we started using VNET’s dedicated server. They’re great! Nice and friendly people who are always happy to help you. It’s fantastic to find all the necessary services in one place for a reasonable price.“

fotka Mariána Petroviča

Marián Petrovič

manager and IT administrator / Murat s.r.o.

„Since Murat is one of the largest wholesalers for cables and wiring, we needed high-quality communications between headquarters and our three branches. VNET prepared a complete solution with guaranteed internet, VPNs, DSL connections and server housing. I have to say that we found common ground with VNET in its ratio of high-quality and good service pricing. By unifying our services, we have just one contact point if anything fails or any settings change. Personally, I especially appreciate the helpfulness of the whole company—a great team of company executives right through to all the technicians.“

fotka Michaely Kvasničkovej

Michaela Kvasničková


„We are a family hotel located in a forest park in Bratislava. Our clients are discerning and come to us for accommodation, restaurant and conference services. Looking after the quality we offer our guests is a priority, and we therefore expect it from suppliers. VNET satisfies this to the fullest! Our internet works perfectly through the whole hotel. Since we don’t specialise in this area, and after good experiences with VNET, we have trusted them with complete management of our IT. Professional approach, flexible problem solving, helpful and polite staff—thank you to the whole VNET team!“

fotka Lenky Svetlíkovej

Lenka Svetlíková

Marketing manager /

„ is an intermediary for compliance certificates. We are the European market leader and offer services to clients in five world languages. To improve communications with clients and speed up order processing, we looked for an SMS system that could notify important changes. Smsfarm by VNET has proven itself a great solution. Fast integration with our system, clear statistics and affordable prices for SMS worldwide were key. We can always turn to VNET for any changes or additions to the system, and their team creates custom solutions. We are therefore very happy farmers too! 😊 “

Ján Hudoba

executive manager / Ybaca, s.r.o.

„As one of the major web-hosting services providers on the Slovak market, we could not work without stable and high-quality technology in the background. With redundancy at all levels in the data centre, we have practically no service outages and our servers can run 24/7.“

Ing. Dagmar Mihalikova

director / DH Consult s.r.o.

„I would like to thank you once again for excellent cooperation in the recertification audit and for the opportunity to experience it with you despite these extraordinary circumstances. As mentioned in the audit, I agree with Mr. Strhar that the measures you have taken could be good examples for many other companies, not only because they are effective, but because they allow the full operation of the company to be maintained and have opened the door to new options we did not even consider a few weeks ago. I keep my fingers crossed for you to endure these times as well as you possibly can. You are a fantastic TEAM! 😊“

BUBO Cestovná kancelária


Travel agency

„BUBO belongs to demanding clients who need to react dynamically to emerging requirements. In VNET, we have found a partner who significantly helps us with the setup and smooth operation of our servers. Thanks to them, we have handled a multiple-fold increase in traffic on our website during the busiest event in recent years, all without downtime. Thank you.“