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L2 Circuit

The L2 Circuit service is a standard data service for connecting two or more customer sites. The service offers excellent reliability with a high level of security and availability (SLA). The L2 Circuit data service is provided in “point-to-point” or “point-to-multipoint” mode with a required capacity of up to 1 Gbps, with emphasis on synchronization and low latency. The service does not allow creation of VLANs and provides a limited transparency for L2 protocols. Unsupported protocols: STP, LLDP and LACP.

L2 Transparent Circuit

The L2 Transparent Circuit service is a data service for transparent connections of two or more customer sites with a required transfer capacity of up to 1 Gbps. The service allows creation of virtual networks (VLANs). By configuring multiple VLAN identifiers (CE-VLAN IDs), virtual connections for different services or applications can be defined. The L2 Transparent Circuit data service is provided in “point-to-point” or “point-to-multipoint” mode. Supported protocols: CDP, STP, VTP and LLDP.

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IP VPN is a private telecommunications network designed primarily for companies with multiple branches. Data transfer and corporate communication is carried out on public infrastructure using standard protocols. IP VPN is built in the VNET core network based on IP MPLS technology, which ensures high network and data transfer security with a strong emphasis on service availability.

Wholesale data services

Services for telecommunications operators and ISP.

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Lambda λ

The Lambda service provides a high-speed dedicated connection between two locations by renting wavelength (lambda) in fibre optics provided on DWDM technology. The service is designed primarily for transporting high volumes of low-latency data traffic. Supported interfaces: LC/PC, SC/PC, E2000/APC.


Dark fiber

Dark fibre is an unlit optical fibre rental service for connecting two locations. The service is designed for operators (expanding the backbone network) and high-level clients who want maximum control and flexibility over their own network. Rental of non-activated fibres in our network gives you complete freedom to choose the technologies and equipment you want to use.

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