Landline for your business

Complex voice solution with many useful, VoIP technology features

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Excellent voice solution, even for small businesses

Even small and medium-sized businesses can manage communication effectively using modern voice solutions. Phone lines using VoIP technology provide a cost-effective solution for managing external communication with customers and internal communication at a company.

VoIP benefits

  • Get full PBX functionality
  • No need to invest in purchasing a PBX (virtual switchboard)
  • Your service runs on a separate part of the server
  • Communication between company employees carried out effectively using extensions
  • Suitable solution for companies with up to 20 users
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Landline basic functionalities

  • Call forwarding
  • CLIP - displays the caller’s number
  • CLIR - does not display your number to the called person
  • Voicemail – message forwarding to an e-mail address
  • Overview of outgoing calls
  • Free calls within your network
  • Bargain calls abroad
  • Additional functions at request

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