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with customers

Buy 0800, toll free phone numbers

Low initial service
establishment cost

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More convenience
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Benefits of smart numbers for your business

  • Unique contact number for your customers across Slovakia
  • No matter where your company is located or what your phone numbers are, your customers always communicate via 0800 or 0850
  • Simple and comprehensible marketing communications for phone numbers for communication customers
  • Smart call management with additional services
  • Low establishment costs and quick installation
  • Guaranteed voice service quality – SLA
  • Can be used at any helpdesk, sales centre or call centre

Green line - 0800

Service with free calling to 0800 from fixed and mobile networks in the Slovak Republic. The price for calling is paid by the customer with the contract for the 0800 number (calling to the called party’s account).

Blue line - 0850

Service for calling to 0850 across the whole Slovak Republic for the price of local calls (according to the VNET Tariff) or for the price of calls to a fixed network according to the relevant tariff of the telecommunications operator.

Virtual fax

Receive faxes from anywhere in the world. No need for an expensive fax machine. Control everything using a web application. Archive of received and sent faxes. Per-second charging reduces your costs. No charge for incoming faxes.

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