Business internet#

  • Aggregation is program sharing. It is determined in proportion - e.g., 1:10, 1:20, 1:30, 1:40. the higher the aggregation, the more likely it is that your connection speed may slow down. If you want a connection without aggregation, inform about products that have a guaranteed lower speed limit (they will not fall below the specified limit), but such flat rates are higher in price, as they are intended for more demanding clients. When using aggregation, it does not mean that you have reduced connection protection, it is just a matter of sharing the speed of the given program.

  • It is a device that is used to connect several devices, laptops, cell phones or tablets to the home network and the internet.

  • The unlicensed band uses several frequencies that can be used by everybody without a special permit, if they meet the criteria set by the Office for the Regulation of Electronic Communications and Postal services of the Slovak Republic. The power of interference increases with the distance from the connection point, so it is not advisable to use an unlicensed band for long-distance connections. On the other hand, the licensed band guarantees uniqueness on the given connection and thus the given frequency is not interfered with by other participants.

  • An IP address is a unique identification number that uniquely identifies your computer when connected to the Internet. It contains four series of numbers that are separated by dots (e.g. Multiple IP addresses can be assigned to one user.

  • MAC address (in other words, hardware address, physical address) is a unique number carried by each network card.

  • Due to the fact that the number of public IPs is limited to 32-bit number (four 8-bit numbers) and this number must be unique worldwide, it is necessary that the provider does not assign these public IPs without reason to any participant in its network structure. Each participant in the provider's network is assigned a non-public IP address (or more), which ensures access to the Internet and is unique within the provider's network. In case the participant wants to use certain applications (VPN, remote access...), which also require visibility from the outside, i.e., outside his provider's network, he needs a public IP address (usually provided for a fee).

  • It is usually given in Downstream/Upstream format (kbps) or Download/Upload. Download or downstream is the transmission speed towards the subscriber (browsing pages, downloading software, receiving e-mails in the mailbox). Upload or upstream is from the subscriber to the provider (sending messages, sending data).

  • We provide our services in most of Slovakia, for more information about the products, please contact our sales department.

Data centers and serverhousing #

  • We can set up the serverhousing service within 24 hours of the order. We respond flexibly to requests, so even express installation is possible with us. If you are interested, you can order the service via e-mail at vnet@vnet.sk or by phone during working hours (09:00 - 17:00) at the telephone number of our sales department 02 / 2129 0290.

  • Yes, it is possible. The merchant will agree a date that suits you and arrange for a technician at that time.

    1. After agreeing on the business terms, the merchant will send you the contract.
    2. At the same time, he will agree with you the installation time that suits you best.
    3. We will send you the required IP addresses and other data needed to set up the server to the specified e-mail.
    4. At the agreed time, our technician will be waiting for you in the data center
    5. He will give you all the necessary technical information and help you with the installation of the server
    6. After signing the download protocol, he will hand over the access keys to the data center or take your biometric data.

  • The server and its accessories, an ID card for identification and 2 signed contracts, unless you delivered them to the dealer before installation.

  • You have round-the-clock access to our data centers without an operator.

  • The amount of data is not limited. The only limitation is the speed of the line. In our data centers, you can choose a 100 Mb, 1 Gb or 10 Gb port.

  • We provide unlimited Slovak traffic in the price of the service.

  • If you have a server connected to a 100 Mb or 1 Gb port, Czech traffic is included in the price of the service. Otherwise, it is charged according to the valid price list.

  • Foreign traffic up to 300 GB is included in the price of the service. With a higher amount of transferred data, foreign traffic is charged according to the currently valid price list.

  • One IP address is included in the price of the service, others are charged according to our current price list.

  • In our data centers, you pay exactly for the electricity you use, so you don't have a limit.

  • In our data centers, we have been operating in dual stack IPv4/IPv6 mode since the beginning of 2010.

  • Do not hesitate to contact us, our housing specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.

Housing #

  • You can get to our data centers without the support of a technician 24/7. If you need technical intervention or help in the data center, we will be happy to provide you with the right VNET specialist. For specific information, contact us by phone on the Customer Line 0800 24 24 24.

    In every server room, we use a two-level authentication system, either identity verification and Dallas key (touch electronic key) or chip card and biometric data.

  • Nowadays, servers have a built-in management port for server administration. For this reason, we have stopped providing the additional IPKVM service. An alternative way to manage the server is to connect via the internal management network, to which you can log in via VPN access.

  • You can request access to the data center through your sales representative, or by sending an Authorized Message from the account holder's account in our customer zone zone.vnet.sk. It is necessary to send the name, surname and ID number of the given person.

  • You can authorize persons to enter the data center through your sales representative, or by sending an Authorized Message from the account holder's account in our customer zone zone.vnet.sk. It is necessary to send the name, surname and ID number of the given person.

  • Components are always sent to the address of our headquarters at Černyševského 48, 851 01 Bratislava.

  • The procedure for setting up a VPN in the management network can be found after logging in to our Customer Zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login in the Manuals section.

  • You can find electricity consumption in our Customer Zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login in the Contracts section. It is necessary to open a specific contract for which you require data on electricity consumption. In the contract tab, open Statistics and select Show electricity statistics.

  • You can find the setting of the PTR record in our Customer Zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login in the Contracts section. Subsequently, it is necessary to open a specific contract and select the PTR records option there.

  • Data transfer statistics can be found in our Customer Zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login in the Contracts section. Subsequently, it is necessary to open the specific contract for which you require statistical data and open Statistics in the contract tab.

  • The operating procedure for data centers can be found in our customer zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login in the Manuals section. We also sent you the operating order by e-mail when setting up the service. The operating order is also physically available in the Data Center.

  • Service protocols can be found in our customer zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login in the Contracts section. Subsequently, it is necessary to open a specific contract for which you require a service protocol. In the contract tab, open the Show service protocols tab.

  • Consumption consists of three components:

    1. the energy consumption itself in kWh,
    2. charging for cooling and energy distribution according to kWh consumption in a given month and the PUE (Power usage effectiveness) coefficient of the data center,
    3. power 15-minute maximum consumption in W

  • In order to achieve maximum service availability, we connect each device redundantly to the electrical and data infrastructure. In case of failure of any component on one branch, the functionality of the service will be ensured by the other branch.

SMS Farm - service informations#

  • There is no mandatory interval for topping up credit. Also, if you top up your credit, you don't have to worry that it will expire after a while. Credit is not limited by time validity, you either have it or you don't. After a minute of credit, you can top it up at any time.

  • Sender Alias is the default phone number you sign up with. If you would like to display the name of the sender instead of the number to the recipients, you can purchase an alias for a one-time fee of €10. It will then be displayed as the name of the sender of the SMS message. Alias can have 11 characters without diacritics.

  • One SMS is 160 ASCII characters. That means 160 characters without diacritics. If you want to use diacritics, UTF-8 characters in SMS, the range of one SMS is 70 characters.

  • Yes, if you already know today that you will be sending SMS in large volumes, contact us at smsfarm@smsfarm.sk and we will be happy to prepare a customized price offer.

  • We do not include any advertising in SMS, its content is fully in your hands.

  • In addition to the texts of the sent messages, the archive tab also contains a status about the successful sending of the message.

  • For each SMS message, it is possible to schedule the date and time of sending the message. Just use the bulk SMS function to send a message.

  • Yes, it is possible. SMS with a line are subject to additional authorization by the service provider for reasons of security and possible misuse of the service.

  • Yes, it is possible, for more information write to smsfarm@smsfarm.sk.

  • We limit the number of SMS sent to new customers to 200 SMS per calendar month. However, the limit can be increased upon request. This limitation serves to protect against misuse of the service, due to the low level of verification in the registration process, as well as to protect our customers in case their account is compromised.

SMS Farm - technical and financial informations#

  • The possibility of the so-called we do not provide two-way SMS (receiving and sending SMS). In the case of sending an SMS from a phone number (i.e. without using an alias), the addressee can reply to the SMS, while the reply will be sent directly to your phone number via the mobile operator's network.

    If a text alias is used, the addressee does not have the option to reply to the SMS.

  • We do not provide the service of sending SMS via e-mail.

  • The so-called service We do not provide geo-fencing, i.e. SMS addressing based on the location of the potential recipient.

  • In order to preserve the ethical dimension of business and compliance with GDPR rules, we do not provide clients with contacts for sending marketing or other messages. The client is fully responsible for the content of the messages, the list of recipients, as well as the form of sending SMS messages.

  • The electronic invoice is sent automatically to e-mail the very next day after the credit is topped up.

  • Our customers send a large number of SMS messages together, we managed to negotiate much more favorable terms with the operators. Therefore, we will also reward the farmers who charge the most with free credit.

  • You don't have to worry, you won't lose your credit with us. It is not limited by time validity.

  • The minimum amount for top-up is €1, we do not limit you to anything else. It's up to you when and how much you recharge.

  • You can choose one of two payment methods - PayPal, TrustPay. Immediately after payment, the credit will be added to you automatically.

  • Your credit will be topped up immediately after payment via the payment gateway. If there is any problem with payment and you don't have a credit credited within 5 minutes, contact us at smsfarm@smsfarm.sk.

  • You can top up your credit by clicking on the "Top up credit" tab, where you enter the credit amount. After confirming the amount, you will be redirected to the payment zone. There you can choose the payment method you prefer. The more you top up, the more bonus credit you get.

  • All prices include VAT.


  • Yes. VNET PaaS allows the deployment of any container available on Docker Hub or in your private register. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

  • Yes. All environments are automatically backed up daily. You can request environment recovery through technical support directly from the VNET PaaS control interface.

  • Depending on the environment architecture, topology settings, private data, and configuration files can be exported. The exported environment is also stored on the server, and the space it occupies is included in the consumption. The exported environment can be downloaded from the server and transferred to another region, or the import can be directly initialized from such a backup. More information can be found in the online documentation for the platform.

  • Yes. However, they must be environments owned by the same user. This concept can be used for CI/CD More information can be found in the online documentation for the platform.

  • Yes. However, they must be environments owned by the same user. This concept can be used for CI/CD. More information can be found in the online documentation for the platform.

  • Yes. Environments can be migrated between accounts, but consent to the migration is required on both sides. More information can be found in the online documentation for the platform.

  • We are always adding and updating VNET PaaS store content. If a user has specific needs, it is possible to deploy a solution from their own register/docker hub, or you can contact us and we will make a request for an addition. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

  • Updates must be implemented in the spirit of CI/CD principles, using domain/ip address transfer between individual instances of containers. More information can be found in the online documentation for the platform.

  • The minimum credit for topping up is EUR 5.

  • The following payment methods are accepted – PayPal and payment cards. The credit is automatically added to your credit account immediately upon payment.

  • No. We do not apply credit expiration.

  • Yes. When your credit gets low (EUR 5) you will be sent a notification e-mail. You will need to supplement the credit on your credit account quickly, otherwise your running environment will be suspended. We will also send a notification e-mail if your credit is going to run out within the next 24 hours.

  • The user can check the amount of resources consumed for a certain period of time by clicking on the button "Balance" -> "Consumption History" in the control interface of the service.

  • You can request the cancellation of your VNET PaaS account by entering a request for technical support, or by terminating the contract in the case of payment by invoice.

  • The email address can only be changed by contacting the platform operator.

  • Prices for resources are shown without VAT. When topping up credit, it is distinguished whether the user is a VAT payer. VAT forms part of the value of the recharged credit.

  • Yes. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

  • The service can be charged in two ways. The default method is Prepaid, meaning credit is first topped up and then used. To set up the service with payment by invoice, please contact our sales department at sales@vnet.eu.

  • The mentioned invoices will be automatically sent to the contact email when they are issued. Additionally, they can be downloaded in the control interface of the VNET PaaS service, in the section Balance -> Show invoices

  • Yes, by clicking the change environment topology icon.

  • A thin allocation is applied, only the space actually occupied is charged, so the price of the service will not be affected. If necessary, the container can be resized during/after deployment.

  • If environments are inactive, only the disk space occupied is charged.

  • Of course, environments can be shared with multiple users with different permission levels. Fees for operating the environment are always borne by the owner of the environment. More information can be found in the online documentation for the platform.

  • The VNET PaaS service runs on top of our CloudPRO platform in DC Digitalis, so the same SLA of 99.8% applies to it. From the point of view of service stability, there is no reason to hesitate to deploy production environments.

    In the case of specific configuration requirements, requirements for the creation of your own internal infrastructure, requirements for network throughput higher than 1Gbps and advanced services such as VPNaaS, we recommend that you use our CloudPRO platform.

  • Yes, technical support is available for the service, directly from the control environment of the VNET PaaS service, in the menu Help -> Contact the support team, or through the standard communication channels listed on this page in the Contact section.

CloudPRO #

  • Yes, more information can be found in the service documentation. The documentation is available to all clients who have the CloudPRO service active.

  • Yes, more information can be found in the service documentation. If a special VLAN is connected in your project, it is necessary to contact us in advance in order to make this VLAN available also in the CloudPRO service. IP addresses from Serverhousing and Dedikhousing services cannot be transferred.

  • Yes, but it is necessary to follow the procedure in the CloudPRO documentation to prepare the migrated VM for deployment in the CloudPRO service.

  • Your CloudPRO infrastructure uses private IPv4 addresses. All public IPv4 addresses are assigned to the WAN interfaces of the virtual routers in your CloudPRO infrastructure, on which translation of private addresses to public ones is implemented using one-to-one Static NAT. In the case of IPv6, address translation is not performed and virtual machine interfaces in your CloudPRO are assigned global IPv6 addresses from your dedicated /64 range using SLAAC technology.

  • The license issuer will provide you with the answer to this question. In the case of Microsoft, this is not possible. As a partner of the Microsoft SPLA program, we provide licenses for our clients at the best prices.The license issuer will provide you with the answer to this question. In the case of Microsoft, this is not possible. As a partner of the Microsoft SPLA program, we provide licenses for our clients at the best prices.

  • You will receive an invoice after logging into the client zone at: https://zone.vnet.sk.

  • Since this is an IaaS infrastructure lease, the resources assigned to you are reserved for you and are always available to you. For this reason, you pay for reserved resources regardless of whether they are used or not. This only applies to reserved resources. Resources drawn beyond the reserved resources are billed dynamically according to how they are used.

  • The service is invoiced using a flat-rate advance invoice with additional resources used beyond the reserved resources.

  • All prices are without VAT.

  • We deal with the possibility of test operation and its conditions individually. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail at sales@vnet.eu.

  • A request to terminate the service can be sent by mail or e-mail to the address sales@vnet.eu. The account is subsequently automatically canceled after termination of the service.

  • Yes, we use Trilio technology for backup. More information about this technology and backup options can be found in the documentation for the CloudPRO service or on the CloudPRO product page.

  • Yes, the user of the CloudPRO service is authorized to upload his own images to the system, which are available only within his project. However, it is necessary to follow the recommendations in the service documentation to ensure compatibility with the CloudPRO platform. This is a paid disk space.

  • Yes, CloudPRO has a full API. You can learn more about the API in the CloudPRO documentation.

  • Yes, technical support is available for the Service through the standard communication channels listed on this page in the Contact section.

  • Your original configuration, on the basis of which your commitment was calculated, includes the resources reserved for you. Specifically: vCPU, RAM, the amount of reserved disk space of each type (Standard, Pro, Flash) and the number of reserved IPv4. Additional services such as LBaaS, VPNaaS, backup, snapshots and computing resources drawn beyond the commitment are billed on an hourly basis.

  • To achieve maximum connection speeds of VMs to the infrastructure, we use the Multiqueues technology of the KVM hypervisor, which makes it possible to achieve the following throughput depending on the amount of VM vCPUs:

    Number of VM vCPUs VM Throughput <-> infrastructure in one direction
    1 3.6 Gbps
    2 4.5 Gbps
    4 6.1 Gbps
    8 8.5 Gbps

  • Yes, this functionality is fully supported. Anycast as a Service is a service that provides redundancy of the cloud environment at the level of network connectivity, which allows simultaneous use of resources allocated in both cloud environments/locations (active-active clusters), which leads to an increase in the efficiency of IS operations. Anycast service can be used if there are two cloud environments. One in SHC3 and the other in DIGITALIS, between which it is possible to share one common IP address.

  • If you use CloudPRO services from both data centers, you can use IP ANYCAST technology to achieve extremely high availability and resistance to DDoS attacks with high efficiency of resources spent. Requests will be served from both DCs simultaneously in active-active mode. The request will be served by the DC that is closer to the client. For example, requests from SR are served by CloudPRO in SHC3 and requests from the world are served by CloudPRO in DC Digitalis.

  • Yes, every project in the CloudPRO service can get a /64 prefix for free by submitting a request to our company's technical support by e-mail at podpora@vnet.eu.

  • Yes, the advantage of the CloudPRO service is that you can change the Storage Standard, Pro or Flash storage type at any time exactly as it suits you. New data will be written immediately to the selected storage type, and existing data will be relocated within 24 hours. The change is automatically reflected in the invoicing, so there is no need to contact the sales department.

  • As for vCPU and RAM, scaling down is theoretically possible. However, we do not recommend shrinking the disk. We recommend that you take full advantage of the horizontal scaling capabilities. It is a fast and efficient way to respond to a change in the number of inquiries.

  • Enlarging instances or the so-called vertical scaling can be implemented by the user himself. If the disk is not being increased, this is a few seconds operation, but the instance must be restarted. We recommend that you prioritize horizontal scaling using our LBaaS service.

  • Yes, CloudPRO also supports MultiAttach technology, thanks to which you can attach a disk to multiple VMs at the same time. Of course, you need to be careful about the type of file system you use, or ensure that the file system only modifies 1 VM.

  • Yes, a public IP address, the so-called Floating IP address, you can transfer freely within your project.

  • Yes, it is a matter of course that the SSL/TLS tunnel is terminated on the load balancer with secure storage of cryptographic material.

  • Yes, CloudPRO supports IPsec VPN. The VPN can be managed through the CloudPRO service control panel, API or CLI utility of the openstack client.

  • Is it possible to get more user access to CloudPro? Yes, through an authorized directed technical support request. You can send us an authorized message after logging into the customer zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login.

  • It is a static public IPv4 address assigned to your cloud server that can be assigned to a redundant server in case of failure. This IP is not seen in the instance OS as a network interface IP.

  • It is necessary to enable communication in the firewall through the so-called Security Groups. You can read more in the documentation for the CloudPRO service.

  • The starting rule for FWaaS is to not allow any communication, so it is necessary to define rules for the internal network as well.

  • Yes, but before that it is necessary to cancel the instance and create anew from the already enlarged disk.

  • CentOS-6x CentOS 7.x CoreOS Debian Buster 10.0.0 Debian Jessie 8.6.2 Debian Stretch 9.1 Fedora 27 Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) Ubuntu 18.04 Cloud Ubuntu 20.04 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019 or others that you can import into the service for provided that you prepare them for such use and the license model of the given OS allows it.

  • Contact our sales department by e-mail at sales@vnet.eu or by phone at 0800 24 24 24. If you already use CloudPRO services, try to find the answer in the CloudPRO service documentation.

Client zone #

  • You can request your account using request account wizard. You will need your contract number and email address. In case the identification is not successful, you can contact our sales department by e-mail at vnet@vnet.eu or by phone at 0800 24 24 24.

  • You can change your password by clicking on your username in right upper corner and then clicking on My profile. There you will find a Change password link.

  • Yes, every person we register for your contract in our internal system can have an assigned account. Each person has it`s own login and password. You can manage these accounts in Manage persons.

  • Yes, it is possible after logging into account in Manage persons. In this section you have an overview of all persons who have access to the account. After clicking on „Edit account“ you can change the settings for that person. You can set whether we should send notifications to the selected e-mail contact and you can also manage the access rights.

  • An authorization PIN code is a automatically generated special number for each customer, which we send via SMS after installing the services. It serves to authenticate the customer when reporting such request thaht could change or affect the service, after the case when sending and changing personal data or invoices. It serves as a security element in commom communication.

  • Yes, you can change your authorization PIN code in the VNET Client Zone. After logging into your account, go to the My profile and after entering the desired PIN code, confirm it with the „Save“ button.

  • Authorized message is for effective communication between VNET and our customers. Before sending, you can choose type of request and confirm your contract number to which you are directing your request. Your request is authenticated through authorized message. This means that it fully replaces identification with authorized PIN code, which you can read about in two previous questions. Thanks to this advantage, this method of communication is safe, fast and addressable, as it goes directly to the competent department that will deal with your request.

  • Yes, after logging into your account, you need go to the Invoices, where you can find list of all issued invoices. You can pay invoices directly in the VNET client zone, download them in PDF format and check their status

  • The basic conditions for setting up a standing order are a fixed monthly service fee and assigned variable symbol. Since this is an intervention in invoices, we need to have your request authorized. The first options is to log in to the VNET Client zone and write authorized message. The second option is to contact us by e-mail at financie@vnet.eu or by phone at 0800 24 24 24, where our staff will help you set up the variable symbol. In this case, you will also need an authorization PIN code.

  • Yes, you can easily set up direct debit from the comfort of your home without visiting the bank after logging in to the VNET Client zone. Instructions for setting up direct debit can be found in the „Instruction“ section or at www.vnet.sk/inkaso. If you don't see the „Direct debit“ option in the menu on the left, you need to log in to the VNET Client zone with an account that has administrative rights (statutory representative, administrator of accounts and authorized persons).

  • In this section, you can easily check the status of our systems in case you have registered a failure of your service. In the section you will find the status of availability of data centers and the status of hosting services

  • In the menu, choose Contracts and select your serverhousing contract. You can see your total traffic statistics lower on the page. In the top part you should also see a View traffic statistics by IP address link.

  • Yes, through your profile you can search for service protocols and techsupport requests that we have recorded throughout the history of your active service. Just search for and open the contract whose details you want to see in the „Contract“ section. After opening the detail, at the top there are options to View service protocols and View techsupport requests.