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Dangerous DDoS attacks are a major threat in the world of cybersecurity. Recently, DDoS attacks are becoming more and more prevalent both in number and in the overall strength of the individual attacks. The goal of a DDoS attack is to make the provided service unavailable and inoperable (server, website, company systems,...), this has a negative impact on the reputation of your organization, your business and the trust of your customers.

What is hidden under the acronym DDoS?

DDoS is an organized attack from several PCs/servers simultaneously on a web service, where the attackers try to overwhelm the target server with a huge number of requests. Such an attack causes the entire bandwidth of the server to be overwhelmed, takes over of all the computing resources of the server. As a result, the service or server becomes unavailable.

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DDoS Protection service

If you need to protect yourself from large-scale DDoS attacks, we have deployed a technological solution that can process attacks in the order of tens of Gbps and can thus protect large companies and corporations from the fatal consequences of a DDoS attack. This service is even being used by VNET, which has been a successful internet provider and data center service provider for more than 20 years. Thanks to this solution, we can provide our clients with reliable and high-quality services.

Benefetis of DDoS Protection service:

  • proactive monitoring and detection of attacks in real time
  • protection against various types and techniques of attacks
  • filtering attackers from real users of the Internet service or server
  • reporting on incidents and access anomalies
  • the service fee does not depend on the number of attacks

It is suitable for companies that:

  • provide publicly available services on the Internet that have a significant position in their business
  • already have been the target of a DDoS attack on their services (servers) and were affected by a direct financial impact due to the non-functionality of the service
  • do business in areas that are frequent targets of DDoS attacks (entertainment, lotteries, media, public sector portals, ...)

To choose the right product solution and service settings that will fully cover your security requirements, we recommend a non-binding consultation with our IT specialists.


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