SLA (Service level agreement)is a contractual obligation that defines the quality of our services. If any service fails, our SLA guarantees you the latest possible time for starting service restoration. The exact definitions of SLA terms for individual services are in the table below.

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Garanted service availability

Availability is calculated

Latest beginning of service restoration during work time

Latest beginning of service restoration outside working hours

Digital TV 95,000% per month 24 hours 24 hours
Internet 95,000% per month 24 hours 24 hours

Additional information about the SLA:

  • The deadline for the latest possible time to start service restoration during and outside business hours is calculated from the time when the customer reports service failure, in accordance with the relevant contractual terms and conditions for the given service type.
  • Business hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except Slovak public holidays.
  • For the VNET server housing service, failure at the DC equipped with double energy supply and connectivity is understood only as an outage of both the electricity supply and data connectivity.
  • For VNET Webhosting, a hacker attack to an individual website is not considered a failure if the server itself is functional.
  • Colocation refers to data centre (DC) services outside network services, such as electricity supply, cooling and dark fibres.
  • The SLA for VNET VoIP services is derived from the SLA of the used internet connection. If the internet connection to VoIP services is not provided by VNET, the SLA for VoIP services is equivalent to 97%.
  • The IP KVM additional service is not covered by the SLA for housing services.
  • Vandalism, loss, theft and pollution are not covered by the SLA for CCTV.
  • Monthly SLA is calculated based on an average month 365/12, and the annual SLA is calculated based on a standard year of 365 days.
  • The above terms and conditions are without prejudice to the provisions of relevant contracts and the General Terms and Conditions of VNET a.s. for the given type of provided service.