Digital TV

Digital TV benefits

oddychujúca rodina

No need to adapt your free time to TV programmes. With the 7-day archive, you can watch recordings on over 50 channels.

pozeranie tv
Video on Demand

This service features many attractive movies, fairy tales and documentaries, available directly on your TV.

pozeranie tv cez mobilnú aplikáciu VNET TVgo
Mobile Apps

The VNET TVgo mobile app features recording, archive and video on demand. The app lets you use your mobile phone as a TV controller.

Great features

ikonka kalendára
7-day archive on over 50 channels

No need to adapt your free time to TV programmes. TV programmes suit your free time.

ikonka nahrávania

With digital TV, you can record programmes while they broadcast. Multiple channels can be set to record simultaneously. 10 hours of recording available free of charge.

ikonka programoveho sprievodcu
Programme Guide

The Electronic Programme Guide displays TV programmes directly on your digital TV. With this guide, you know when the programme starts, how long it is, and its remaining broadcast time.

ikonka mobilu
Free mobile app

The VNET TVgo mobile application features recording, archive and video rental, all on your mobile phone. You can even use the app to control your TV.

ikonka pretáčania
Pause and Rewind

Pause or rewind a programme at any time without previously watching it.

ikonka videopožičovne
Free Video on Demand

This service features many attractive movies, fairy tales and documentaries, available directly on your TV.

1st Step

Programme packages

2nd step

Check availability

Check if VNET services for households are available at your address
Residential complex
3rd step

Extra package selection

Customize your channel selection to suit your interests with extra and premium packages.
The commitment period does not apply to these packages and you can activate or deactivate them at any time.
  • Selected
    krajina a hory popredie popredie

    2 €

    SK&CZ HD
    Markíza HD / Doma HD/ Dajto HD / JOJ HD / JOJ Plus HD / Wau HD / TA3 HD /Nova International HD / Prima Plus HD / Jojko HD
  • Selected
    motýľ popredie

    2 €

    Viasat Explorer / Viasat History / Viasat Nature / Viasat Spice / National Geographic / National Geographic HD / National Geographic Wild HD
  • Selected
    korytnačka popredie

    2 €

    Discovery channel / Discovery TLC / Investigation Discovery / Eurosport HD / Eurosport 2 HD
  • Selected
    prieskumník popredie

    2 €

    Paprika TV / JOJ Cinema / Filmbox / Filmbox Stars / Fine Living Network HD / Travel Channel HD / Óčko HD / Óčko Black HD / Óčko Express HD / Óčko Star HD
  • Selected
    futbalisti popredie

    2 €

    TV ŠPORT 1
    Nova Sport 1 HD / Nova Sport 2 HD / Sport 1 CZ HD / Sport 2 CZ HD
  • Selected
    závodné auto popredie

    2 €

    TV ŠPORT 2
    Arena sport 1 HD / Arena sport 2 / Extreme Sports Channel / Outdoor Channel HD / Auto motor a sport CZ HD / Nautical Channel HD / Sport 5 HD
  • Selected
    veľkomesto popredie

    2 €

    TV5 Monde / Kabel 1 / N24 de / super RTL / rtl / rtl 2 / pro 7 / sat 1 / n-tv / vox / Sixx / RTL Nitro / Al Jazeera HD
  • Selected
    zelenina a suroviny popredie

    2 €

    Fishing and Hunting / Fashion TV SK&CZ HD / Mňam TV / Spektrum HD / History HD / Body in Balance HD
  • Selected
    korytnačka popredie

    2 €

    Nickelodeon / Minimax / Jim Jam / Disney Channel / Baby TV / Nickelodeon Junio
  • Selected
    gitarista popredie

    2 €

    MTV / MTV Hits / MTV Rocks / VH1 Classic / MTV Dance/ VH1 Europe / Rebel / Relax / Deluxe Music / iConcerts
  • Selected
    popcorn popredie

    2 €

    CS film / CS Horror / CS History / AXN / AXN White / AXN Black / Československo HD / Festival HD
  • Selected
    režisér popredie

    2 €

    Spektrum Home / UP Network / CBS Reality / Film+ HD / AMC HD / Sundance TV HD / Film Europe HD
  • Selected
    hlavné mesto Budapesť popredie

    2 €

    RTL Klub / RTL Gold / Cool TV / Galaxy 4 / Film+ HU / M5 HD
  • Selected
    hasič popredie

    2 €

    Muszika TV / Sorozat + / RTL+ / RTL II HU / TV 4 / Story 4
  • Selected
    vták popredie

    2 €

    Animal Planet HD / Discovery HD Showcase / Discovery Science HD / Investigation Discovery HD
  • Selected
    zámok s kľúčom popredie

    2 €

    TV 18+
    Brazzers TV HD / Private TV / Extasy TV HD / Leo TV / Hustler TV
  • Selected
    rodina v lese popredie

    4 €

    Filmbox Family / Filmbox Premium HD / Filmbox Extra HD / Fightbox HD / Docubox HD / Fashionbox HD / 360 Tunebox / Erox HD / Eroxxx HD
  • Selected
    priatelia popredie

    3 €

    Cinemax HD / Cinemax 2 HD
  • Selected
    domov popredie

    6 €

    HBO HD / HBO 2 HD / HBO 3 HD
  • Selected
    kráľovná popredie

    9 €

    HBO HD / HBO 2 HD / HBO 3 HD / HBO OD / HBO GO
4th step

Commitment selection

No commitment
Single setup fee 60 € 1 €
Installation discount
24-month commitment
Single setup fee 15 € 1 €
Installation discount


TV package

Extra package

  • None selected extra package


Hardware rental

Single setup fee 0 €

Monthly fee: 0 €

Contact details

I agree with

According to Act No. 18/2018 on Personal Data Protection (hereinafter the “Act”), by sending this message you are granting our company VNET a.s. (as the processor) your consent to process your personal data that you have entered into this form (e-mail address,telephone number) to make it possible for us to answer your question and potentially to offer you an appropriate product or service provided by our company (direct marketing). You may withdraw your consent at any time by writing to us at: Nám. Hraničiarov 39, 851 03 Bratislava or by e-mail to this e-mail address:, which represents the contact details of our company and of the person responsible for personal data protection. If you consider yourself to be a data subject, you have the rights specified in Section 19 et seqq. of the Act (i.e. to access to your personal data, the right to their rectification, erasure and restriction of processing, to object to their processing, the right of their portability and the right to make an application in accordance with Section 100 of the Act). We shall not pass on your personal data to third countries and we shall store them for a maximum of two months. You do not have to provide the aforementioned personal data, but without them we will not be able to process your queries. VNET is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the form.

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