17 years of experience
in data centre operation
Revolutionary fair
charging optimizes
your costs
and environmentally
friendly solution
Employees certified
by the Uptime Institute
1U server
2U server
3U server
4U server
2x100 Mbps
2x1 Gbps
100 Mbps
1 Gbps
1 x IP
2 x IP
5 x IP
Server administration
Server monitoring
24 month
12 month

Prices for services without VAT

Data center SHC II
Server size 1U server 25,- €
Connectivity 2x100 Mbps 10,- €
IP addresses 1 x IP V cene
Average electrical
Up to 100 W 155.95,- €
Server administration No 50,-€
Server monitoring No 30,-€
Fixed term 24 month 150,-€

Total price without VAT

47.27 € / month
Single setup fee
50,- €

Included in the price: monthly invoicing, customer line 24/7, unlimited SIX/NIX data, roaming data up to 300 GB,

The rack housing service is designed for high-level clients with multiple servers or other telecommunications devices. Hire a separate lockable rack in our modern housing centre equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing ideal operating conditions and high availability.

1/4 rack
from 150,- € / month
1/3 rack
from 200,- € / month
1/2 rack
from 250,- € / month
Whole rack
from 400,- € / month

* Take advantage of our fair charging model for our data centres and pay a low, flat rate and fee for electricity use. If your technology is energy efficient, you pay less. When your servers are unused, you can shut them down for a specific time and save your costs, not ours. More details about the charging system can be found in our BLOG.

Dedicated server housing is a combination of two services: server rental and placement in our data centre. Its main benefit is that you do not have to invest in hardware or deal with installation and configuration. You can do everything quickly and remotely with very little effort.

Benefits of a dedicated server:
  • Everything is done quickly, remotely and worry-free
  • Let us manage the hardware investments, from initial installation and configuration to upgrades
  • Server is located in our cutting-edge data centre SHC III
  • Select the HW and SW configuration according to your needs
  • Server installation and configuration performed by our certified specialists
  • Backup hardware and technical support with a contractually guaranteed response time
ikonka monitorovanie servera

Server monitoring

30 € / month

  • Server/service availability monitored
  • Performance parameters monitored
  • Notifications when any pre-set critical values are exceeded
  • Monitoring notifications via e-mail, instant messenger or SMS
  • Zabbix agent installed on the monitored server. Metrics checked and sent directly to our Zabbix server.
ikonka správy servera

Server administration

50 € / month

  • Team of specialists to look after your server
  • Your server is always up-to-date, and performance is optimized
  • Regular security audit included
  • Administrative service includes a free server monitoring service
  • More time for your business!
backbone network

VNET technical support

ikonka kalendára
365 days a year,
24 hours a day
ikonka operátora
3 levels of technical
ikonka človeka
6 engineers
available non-stop
ikonka certifikátu
Team of certified