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POHODA in VNET cloud free for 60 days

Our certified POHODA specialists will prepare a complete system installation for you on our powerful and secure cloud servers. They are operated in our own three data centres. Your POHODA will be accessible from the office or home directly via the Internet. Work in POHODA without any worries.

Benefits of VNET POHODA in the cloud

  • Regular updates of the Pohoda accounting system and operating system versions
  • Enough computing resources to keep your system running smoothly
  • Flexible licensing
  • Option to work from home or any other place away from the office
  • Accounting system, server and operating server administered by our certified specialists
  • High data centre, cloud platform and stored data security in accordance with the GDPR
  • Investment costs for server purchase eliminated
  • Continuous operating costs
  • Mac, Linux, Windows and mobile devices with iOS and Android systems
  • Complex solutions for: POHODA, POHODA SQL, POHODA E1

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