We care about the

environment we live in

From 2012 to 2014, we took part in the EKOprofit Bratislava project, an initiative between the cities of Bratislava and Vienna. The project’s main objective was raising environmental awareness in small and medium-sized enterprises and improving their outlook on the environment. The project resulted in the company moving to incorporate as many environmental measures as possible over time and encouraging our employees and clients to join in protecting the environment.

EkoProfit certificate

During EcoProfit’s first year, which we also participated in, the project produced very interesting results. See for yourselves:

  • Number of consulted companies: 32
  • Number of employees in companies: approx. 16 000
  • Average saved costs per company: 7 800 € / rok
  • Saved electrical energy: 1 481 000 kWh
  • Saved thermal energy: 502 000 kWh
  • Saved fuel: 113 000 l
  • Reduced CO2 emissions: 880 t
  • Reduced municipal waste: 374 t
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Employees separate waste

We had to start somewhere

Waste separation was our first and easiest environmental activity. After introducing triple bins, we gradually removed all the small bins under desks and replaced them with several collection points around the offices.

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The company built an ecological data centre

In 2013, we opened the first ecological data centre in Slovakia

Data centres are huge energy consumers and traditionally use technologies harmful to the environment. Doing it differently, we built a data centre that is environmentally friendly without any compromises on quality and reliability. With green technologies and a unique cooling system, DC Digitalis is the first ecological data centre in Slovakia.

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We encourage customers to use more environmentally friendly technologies

Using devices that consume less energy, our customers can save

We encourage our clients to use servers with less energy consumption by applying a transparent pricing model for housing services. The consumption parameter in this model is attractive, and the customer not only saves the environment but also reduces its costs.

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Employees ride bicycles to work

We burn our own calories rather than fuel

Acting responsibly not only to our environment but also our health has long been one of our priorities. Active movement is one way to stay in good physical and mental shape. Many of us enjoy an active start to the day, preparing us for focused work throughout the day. On warmer days, we believe bicycles are an ideal way to get to work. We put in new bike stands, and also thanks to the showers, we have definitely become a bike friendly workplace. In May, we traditionally take part in the Bike to Work competition, which motivates us even more to exceed in performance. We recommend starting the day like this to everyone!