Yes. VNET PaaS allows the deployment of any container available on Docker Hub or in your private register. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

Yes. All environments are automatically backed up daily. You can request environment recovery through technical support directly from the VNET PaaS control interface.

Depending on the environment architecture it is possible to export topology configurations, private data and configuration files. Exported environments also remain saved on the server, and the space they occupy counts towards consumption. An exported environment can be downloaded from the server and transferred to another region, and an import from such a backup can be directly initialised. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

Yes. However, this must be an environment owned by the same user. This concept can be used for CI/CD. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

Yes. However, this must be an environment owned by the same user. This concept can be used for CI/CD. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

Yes. An environment can be migrated between accounts; however, this requires consent with the migration from both sides. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

We are always adding and updating VNET PaaS store content. If a user has specific needs, it is possible to deploy a solution from their own register/docker hub, or you can contact us and we will make a request for an addition. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

Updates must be performed on CI/CD principles using domain/IP address transfer between individual container instances. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

The minimum credit for topping up is EUR 5.

The following payment methods are accepted – PayPal and payment cards. The credit is automatically added to your credit account immediately upon payment.

No. We do not apply credit expiration.

Yes. When your credit gets low (EUR 5) you will be sent a notification e-mail. You will need to supplement the credit on your credit account quickly, otherwise your running environment will be suspended. We will also send a notification e-mail if your credit is going to run out within the next 24 hours.

A user can check the amount of resources consumed for a specific time period by clicking on “Balance” -> “Consumption History” in the service control interface.

You can request the cancellation of a VNET PaaS account through technical support or by terminating your contract if you make payments based on invoices.

You need to contact the platform operator if you want to change your e-mail address.

All prices are listed exclusive of VAT. VAT is not included in the amount that the user receives on credit refill.

Yes. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

The service can be charged in two ways. The default method is Prepaid, meaning credit is first topped up and then used. To set up the service with payment by invoice, please contact our sales department at sales@vnet.eu.

Invoices will be automatically sent to the contact e-mail as soon as they are issued. You can also download them in the section “Balance” => “Show Invoices”

Yes. Click on the icon to change environment topology.

We apply thin allocation, meaning only the space actually taken up is charged, so there is no impact on the service price. If required, it is possible to resize a container during/after deployment.

If environments are inactive, only the disk space occupied is charged.

Of course. An environment can be shared with multiple users with various authority levels. The environment owner always pays the environment operation fees. You can find more information in the online platform documentation.

The VNET PaaS service runs on top of our CloudPRO platform in DC Digitalis, so the same 99.8% SLA applies to it. Hence there is no reason to hesitate before deploying production environments from the service stability perspective.

If you have specific configuration requirements, requirements for the creation of your own internal infrastructure, network throughput requirements of over 1 Gbps, requirements for advanced services such as VPNaaS, we recommend you use our CloudPRO platform.

Yes. Technical support is directly available for this service from the VNET PaaS service control environment. You can contact us directly through “Help” => “Contact the Support Team”, or through the standard communication channels shown on this page in the at Contact section.


Yes, please refer to the service documentation for more information. This documentation is available to all clients who have activated CloudPRO.

Yes, please refer to the service documentation for more information. If a special VLAN is connected in your project, you need to contact us in advance to make this VLAN available in CloudPRO. Serverhousing and Dedikhousing IP addresses cannot be migrated.

Yes, but you must follow the procedure in the CloudPRO documentation to prepare the VM that is to be migrated for deployment in CloudPRO.

Your CloudPRO infrastructure uses private IPv4 addresses. All public IPv4 addresses are assigned to the WAN interfaces of the virtual routers in your CloudPRO infrastructure, where private addresses are translated to public addresses using one-to-one Static NAT. In the case of IPv6, addresses are not translated. Global IPv6 addresses from your dedicated /64 range are assigned to virtual machine interfaces in your CloudPRO by SLAAC technology.

The licence provider will be able to answer this question for you. In Microsoft’s case, this is not possible. As a Microsoft SPLA partner, we secure licences for our clients at the best prices we can.

To receive an invoice, log in to the client zone at https://zone.vnet.sk.

Since this is an IaaS infrastructure lease, the resources that are assigned to you are reserved for you alone and are always available to you. For this reason, you pay for your reserved resources whether or not you use them. This applies only to reserved resources. Resources used in excess of your reserved resources are billed fluidly according to how they are used.

You are sent an advance invoice billing the service as a lump sum. Resources used in excess of the reserved resources are subsequently charged according to actual use.

All prices are listed exclusive of VAT.

Trial periods and the terms and conditions under which they are made available are handled on a case-by-case basis. If interested, please email us at sales@vnet.eu.

You can request the termination of the service by post or by emailing us at sales@vnet.eu. The account is then automatically closed when the service is terminated.

Yes, we use Trilio technology for backup. For more information on this technology and backup options, please refer to the CloudPRO documentation or the CloudPRO product page.

Yes, CloudPRO users are allowed to upload their own images to the system, which are only available within their project. However, you need to follow the recommendations in the service documentation to ensure compatibility with the CloudPRO platform. You will be charged for this disk space.

Yes, CloudPRO has a full API available. To learn more about the API, please refer to the CloudPRO documentation.

Yes, technical support is available through the standard communication channels listed in the Contact section on this page.

Your original configuration, used as the basis to calculate your commitment, includes the resources reserved for you. Specifically: vCPUs, RAM, the amount of disk space reserved for each type (Standard, Pro, Flash), and the number of IPv4s reserved. Additional services such as LBaaS, VPNaaS, backups, snapshots, and computing resources used beyond the scope of the commitment are billed on an hourly basis.

To achieve maximum VM connection speeds to the infrastructure, we use the KVM hypervisor’s Multiqueues technology, which delivers the following throughput depending on the number of VM vCPUs:

VM vCpu count VM <-> infrastructure throughput in one direction
1 3.6 Gbps
2 4.5 Gbps
4 6.1 Gbps
8 8.5 Gbps

If you use CloudPRO services from both data centres, you can leverage ANYCAST IP technology to achieve extremely high availability and resilience to DDoS attacks that is very cost-effective. Requests will be serviced from both DCs simultaneously in active-active mode. A request is handled by the DC that is closest to the client. For example, CloudPRO will handle requests from Slovakia at SHC3 and requests from the world at the Digitalis DC.

Yes, you can get a free /64 prefix for any CloudPRO project by emailing a request to our company's technical support at podpora@vnet.eu.

Yes, the advantage of CloudPRO is that you can change the Standard, Pro or Flash storage type at any time it suits you. New data will be written immediately to the selected storage type and existing data will be relocated within 24 hours. There is no need to contact the sales department as the change is automatically reflected in your billing.

Although vCPU and RAM reductions are theoretically possible, we do not recommend shrinking the disk. Instead, we encourage you to take full advantage of the horizontal scaling options. This is a quick and efficient way of responding to changes in demand.

Instance upscaling and vertical scaling can be carried out by users themselves. If the disk size is not being increased, this is an operation that takes seconds, but the instance must be restarted. We recommend that you prioritise horizontal scaling using our LBaaS service.

Yes, CloudPRO also supports MultiAttach, which allows you to connect a disk to multiple VMs at once. Naturally, you need to take into account the type of file system you are using, or ensure that the file system only modifies one VM.

Yes, you can freely transfer a public IP address, called a floating IP address, within your project.

Yes, it is possible to terminate an SSL/TLS tunnel on a loadbalancer with secure storage of cryptographic material.

Yes, by directing an authorised request to technical support. You can send us an authorised message by logging in to the client zone at https://zone.vnet.sk/login.

This is a static public IPv4 address assigned to your cloud server that can be assigned to a redundant server in the event of a failure or malfunction. This IP is not visible in the OS instance as a network interface IP.

You need to enable communication in the firewall via Security Groups. For more information, please refer to the CloudPRO documentation.

As the FWaaS default rule is not to allow any communication, you need to define rules for the internal network as well.

Yes, but before that you need to delete the instance and recreate it from the disk once you have increased its size.

CentOS-6x, CentOS 7.x, CentOS 7.x, CoreOS Debian Buster 10.0.0, Debian Jessie 8.6.2, Debian Stretch 9.1, Fedora 27, Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus), Ubuntu 18.04, Cloud Ubuntu 20.04, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and others, which you can import into the service provided that you prepare them for such use and the OS licensing model so permits.

Contact our sales department by email at sales@vnet.eu or by phone on 0800 24 24 24. If you already use CloudPRO services, try looking for an answer in the CloudPRO documentation.