Server monitoring

ikonka monitoringu
availability monitored
ikonka monitoringu
parameters monitored
ikonka grafu
Basic service
data collected
ikonka zvonu
Notifications when
critical thresholds
are exceeded

Order the Server Monitoring service

The Server Monitoring service helps you prevent downtime caused by system failures. Monitoring is done on our Zabbix server. The Zabbix agent is installed on the monitored server and checks and sends metrics directly to our Zabbix server. This means that even if your server is unavailable, you can see exactly when the downtime occurred and what it looked like.

From 30 € / month

Your monthly package already includes 10 prepaid SMS notifications. Any additional SMS exceeding this amount costs 0.33 €.

Preview reports

ukážka 1 repotu zo Zabbixu
ukážka 2 repotu zo Zabbixu
ukážka 3 repotu zo Zabbixu
ukážka 4 repotu zo Zabbixu

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