Over 17 years of comprehensive telecommunication solutions

Our company has 19 years of experience in comprehensive telecommunications solutions, including guaranteed internet connections, cloud services, hosting, VoIP voice solutions and complete housing services. Our own optical network has a range of more than 200 km and is continually being expanded. Our three data centres feature state-of-the-art technological space for client devices.

With 24/7 technical support, many years of experience and innovative solutions designed to suit our clients’ needs, our strength is in an individual, proactive approach. A strong team of specialists in telecommunication services, new technologies and challenges forms a stable platform for our company’s operations.
pracujúci zamestnanec VNETu
pracujúca zamestnankyňa VNETu pracujúci zamestnanec VNETu
pracujúci zamestnanec VNETu pracujúci zamestnanec VNETu

Our services are available
throughout SLOVAKIA

mapa Slovenska
  • an LIR in RIPE.net since 2003
  • a joint stock company since 2006
  • more than 90% of Slovakia covered
  • a team of experts, professionals and specialists
  • customer support available to clients 24/365

We care about the environment we live in

From 2012 to 2014, we took part in the EKOprofit Bratislava project, an initiative between the cities of Bratislava and Vienna. The project’s main objective was raising environmental awareness in small and medium-sized enterprises and improving their outlook on the environment. The project resulted in the company moving to incorporate as many environmental measures as possible over time and encouraging our employees and clients to join in protecting the environment.

firemné auto VNET
ikonka Eko dátového centra

Ecological data centre built

ikonka človeka rozmýšlajúceho ekologicky

Clients encouraged to use ecological technologies

ikonka elektromobilu

Company uses electric cars

ikonka bicykla

Employees ride bicycles to work

Our network topology

Reliable services are built on a powerful backbone network with a total capacity of ~500 Gbps.

topologia siete VNETu


Team members


CISCO certificates


The Uptime Institute certificates


SPECIALISTS with expertise in electrical engineering

What others say about us


Our specialists are at the forefront of their field and supported by certification. Continuously broadening their knowledge through local and foreign conferences and developing their expertise at professional courses is very important to our company.

Technical inspection
Technická inšpekcia SR
Cisco certificates
Red Hat Certifies System Administrator
Red Hat Certified System
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Accredited Tier Specialist by Uptime Institute
Accredited Tier Specialist
Accredited Tier Designer by Uptime Institute
Accredited Tier Designer
ISO 270001
ISO 270001