Our administrators rank among the best in their respective fields of expertise, as evidenced by numerous certificates. It is vital for us that they continually expand their knowledge, so they frequently attend conferences in Slovakia and abroad, and expand their knowledge by attending expert training courses.

Our data centres have not yet been certified by the UPTIME INSTITUTE or any other existing data centre in Slovakia.


Team members


CISCO certifikcates


The Uptime Institute certificates


Team members with expertise in electrical engineering


Our specialists are at the forefront of their field and supported by certification. Continuously broadening their knowledge through local and foreign conferences and developing their expertise at professional courses is very important to our company.

Technical inspection
Technická inšpekcia SR
Cisco certificates
Red Hat Certifies System Administrator
Red Hat Certified System
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Accredited Tier Specialist by Uptime Institute
Accredited Tier Specialist
Accredited Tier Designer by Uptime Institute
Accredited Tier Designer
ISO 270001
ISO 270001